Welcome to Easyflex South Africa

What We Do

At Easyflex we specialise in corrugated piping that is flexible and made of durable stainless steel. The use of this incredible product will make performing jobs easier and will result in an overall optimised installation process. Without the high risk of theft.


Our Company

Though Easyflex is relatively new to the South African market, we aren’t new to this industry. For years, EASYFLEX has been producing superior products and serving more than 50 countries throughout the world. The most notable footprint of Easyflex is in USA, South Korea (our manufacturing location), Japan, Russia and China. Through innovation, attention to detail, and quality control, we strive to deliver superior results.

International Project Portfolio

All our products are 100% factory tested—3 times over. We’re committed to quality. But we understand the importance of affordability. We strive to exceed quality expectations while maximizing efficiency to translate those benefits to our customers.

Flexible stainless steel lines are rapidly replacing rigid pipes (Copper) and semi rigid pipes (multi-layer plastic pipes) in new construction because of its flexibility, durability and cost saving installation. They are widely used to retrofit in tenant improvement projects as well as Solar Hot Water Systems. The greatest advantage of using Easyflex piping in place of rigid piping, is the incredible time saving benefits in installation. Instead of cutting the tube to the exact length and making 90 degree connections every time you need a bend, Easyflex offers the ease of simply bending the tubing—without any extra connections—for a hassle-free installation in one seamless line.

Our Mission

As a company focused on providing a superior product to the plumbing community, we strive to serve this market with integrity, efficiency and environmental concern. The fundamental purpose of our company is to give the users of our products the opportunity to use the best quality products to perform their jobs, while saving time and money often wasted with other products in the market.


• General Plumbing
• Water Distribution Systems
• Water Heating Systems
• Tankless Water Heating
• Heat Exchanger
• Fan Coil Units


• Flexible
• Lightweight
• Pure and non-toxic
• Corrosion resistant
• Biostatic (no earthing required)
• Quick & Easy Installation
• Low risk of theft