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At Easyflex, we specialize in all things flexible, stainless steel, and corrugated to offer you products that make your job easy and give you peace of mind. By combining the strength and durability of stainless steel and the flexibility in our corrugated designs, the result is an optimized process for you.

Easyflex, SA Is a separate entity of Kofulso Co. Ltd.. Our distribution offices are located in East London and Bloemfontein where we carefully stock and manage our inventory.

Though Easyflex is relatively new to the South African markets, we aren’t new to this industry. For the past two decades, Kofulso has been the leader in producing superior products in the flexline industry serving South Korea, Japan, China, America, Russia and in addition to other parts of Europe. Through innovation, attention to details, and quality control, we strive to deliver superior results.

All of our products are 100% factory tested—3 times over. We’re committed to quality. But we understand the importance of affordability. We strive to exceed quality expectations while maximizing efficiency to translate those benefits to our customers.

Flexible lines are rapidly replacing rigid pipes (Copper) in new construction because of its flexibility and cost saving installation. They are widely used to retrofit in tenant improvement projects as well as Solar Hot Water Systems. The greatest advantage of using Easyflex piping in place of rigid piping, is the incredible time saving benefits in installation. Rather cutting the tube to exact length and making 90 degree connections every time you need a bend, Easyflex offer the ease of simply bending the tubing—without any extra connections—for a hassle-free installation of one seamless line.

Our ultimate goal is to connect the world with flexlines to demonstrate a safer, simpler, easier way to get the job done.

Mission Statement

As a company focused on providing a superior product to the plumbing community, we strive to serve this market with integrity, efficiency and environmental concern. The fundamental purpose of our company is to give the users of our products the opportunity to use the best quality products to perform their jobs and ensure complete customer satisfaction at a fraction of the time and cost involved in any regular installation of a similar matter.

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